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II) Formal and informal reference groups in consumer buying. Rotary, lions, Jaycees are some of the well known social reference groups in our society. Labor unions, social clubs and societies are other types of formal reference groups to which individuals may belong.Formal workgroups are managerialdirected groups that deliver tasks and results, while informal workgroups build spontaneously to achieve something the team deems necessary by collaborating in example of informal reference group

Belonging to a reference group can be by choice or by necessity or simply by birth. Humans are social animals and, as such, will likely always be grouped and categorized. These groups can guide their members in plotting courses in life. At the same time, they

Authority in such groups is given to the person and to the position. Communication in informal groups is through informal channels. The various kinds of formal groups are: 1. Friendship Groups: Friendship groups are associations of people who like each other and who like to be together. Examples of informal reference groups include: Families. A group of local mothers. Peer groups.example of informal reference group A normative reference group influences your norms, attitudes, and values through direct interaction. Examples of your normative reference groups include your parents, siblings, teachers, peers, associates and friends. A comparative reference group is a group of individuals whom you compare yourself against and may strive to be like.

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Examples. Expressing reference group norms and behavior through consumption is one of the most easily visible examples of this phenomenon. In choosing what clothing to buy and wear, for example, we typically refer to those around us, like friend or peer groups, colleagues, or to stylistic reference groups, like preppy, hipster, or ratchet, example of informal reference group Quick Answer. Examples of formal groups, or formal organizations, in society include military units, corporations, churches, court systems, universities, sports teams and charities. Formal organizations denote a social system defined by clearly stated rules, norms and goals. Formal groups have several sets and subsystems