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Example sentences for: charming How can you use charming in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Dogs are charming. Robert McNamara's gentle, charming wit. The grounds are filled with charming palaces, pavilions, fountains, and temples.Sentence for charming Use charming in a sentence. (9) But the color was the most charming thing, that delicate blue of the lake, without the depth of the seablue, but infinitely softer and lovelier. (9) Charming ladies on horseback cantered past. (10) Dixon seems a charming example sentence

How to use be charming in a sentence Looking for sentences with be charming ? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The silence of a king can be charming, but the silence of a prime minister on a definite problem means a concrete position.

Kawanabe ItchO is celebrated for his representations of flowers and foliage, and Morishita Morihachi and Asano Saburo (of Kaga) are admirable in all styles, but especially, perhaps, in the charming variety called togidashi (ground down), which is preeminent for its satinlike texture and for the atmosphere of dreamy softness that pervades the decoration. English words and Examples of Usage use charming in a sentence Louise May Alcott once said that stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary. The ancient town of Rye in South England is small enough to see in an afternoon, but so charming that many visitors decide to stay the night. The scenic Cotswold region of England is dotted with charming little villages.charming example sentence These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more Sweet illustrations and cute dogs make for a charming tale for little ones.

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Sentence Examples. With his charming looks and winsome manners he soon won admiration from the men and women of Basarke and the villages nearby. His smile was charming, and his eyes bright and winsome, and with his aura came an atmosphere of leisure accompanied by a tinge of duress. There are also ritual lamps, charming example sentence The rising and the setting sun both appear very charming. The colour of these pens are charming. It is in spring that life seems to be full, lively and charming. The starry sky at night looks charming. The flowers are very charming and refreshing. They present a charming sight. Hyderabad is famous for its charming minarets, the Charminar. The charming old buildings and cottages are a throwback to the colonial past. It towered high above the charming cottage but still looked oldfashioned and attractive. Sentences for the word charming, sentences with the word charming, sentences examples with the word charming, words with charming charming definition: The definition of charming is fascinating or likeable. (adjective) An example of charming is the type of person who is easy to talk to at a party. How to use charming in a sentence. The charming list of example sentences with charming. charming examples charming in a sentence 22. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. adjectives nouns verbs 2. adjective, verb endowed with charming