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Passing AnimalFriendly Legislation. NonU. S. Resident Contact Info for the President of the United States; Make a Difference for Animals in Five Minutes or Less! Make a Difference for Animals in 15 Minutes or Less! PETA Wants YOU to Go Naked to Help AnimalsWhat are some examples of legislation the NAACP opposes? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Related Questions. What issues are the NAACP currently lobbying for or against? What are some examples of legislation PETA supports? What are the typical democratic rights of children (make use of two legislative examples)? examples legislation peta supports

Interest Group Assignment Possible Points Your Points A. How it tries to influence policy and the public agenda: What are the issues your group is concerned with? What are some examples of legislation your group supports or opposes? What actions does your group take to try to

May 23, 2007  PETA HAS TAKEN IT UPON ITSELF TO SUPPORT BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION, TO BAN THE PIT BULL TERRIER, AND ERADICATE THE BREED. As an organization, one of PBRCs main goals is to promote the successful adoption of pit bulls. Our vision statement is: Pit Bull Rescue Central envisions a compassionate world where pit bulls and pit bull mixes reside in responsible, PETA opposes bill banning farm videos. The legislation is currently awaiting action in the Senate. Mathews said he held a similar news conference in Florida last week where similar legislation is pending and plans trips to other states this year.examples legislation peta supports Feb 05, 2019 Some examples: ads for rodeos, circuses, and fur stores to furs and ask the sponsor to offer a prize that does not reflect animal cruelty, such as a trip or jewelry. and whether you support or oppose it in the first paragraph. to a particular piece of legislation is usually counted as a yes or no.

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Legislation PETA supports Article One: Obama and the Fly By clicking the tiny link below will take you to the website of the examples legislation peta supports PETA is opposed to all human use of animals, and is not really involved in caring for animals in any meaningful way. There is no reason why anybody who cares about the welfare of animals should support them. As for other organizations, I would just offer this general, simple advicethink local. Sep 09, 2011 What government legislation has Peta supportedopp What are some of the advantages, and disadvantage Should elected officials votes on legislation push Hi what is the recent legislation related to psilo What legislation has passed under Obama? Is there any current legislation in the works whic Nov 01, 2009 Best Answer: Go to PETA. ORG, click on ABOUT US, then click on VICTORIES They have opposed EPA toxicity testing requirements on animals& U will probably find some others. three times more likely to attack a human being than are those who are sterilized, so this really is a winwin proposition. If you happen to live in California, please politely urge your assembly member (click on the links for Find My District and Member Directory on the left side of the page) to support AB 1634. And please forward this information to anyone you know who does live