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This example project follows the narrative read at the Mountain Lake district LifetoEagle class about David, a Life Scout, as he goes through the process of completing his project This is my interpretation of what a project writeup should look like.Please wait If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not be able to display this type of document. eagle project final report example

The Eagle Service Project Report How to begin Before you start your project, even before you begin planning your project, get a notebook. Record events in your notebook when they happen and keep as accurate a set of notes as possible.

An Eagle Scout project is a crowning achievement following years of fun, adventure, and advancement. Eagle Scout Service Project Report 19 Complete the Eagle Scout Service Project Final Plan after your proposal has been approved. This is a tool for your use The Eagle Project Report Start by filling in the Eagle Scout project workbook, including a project description that includes exactly what your son plans to do, details on the program that benefits from the project, and the dates when it was first discussed with troopeagle project final report example How to Compile Your Eagle Paperwork Application& Final Project Report. These will aide you in completing the final report for your project. When compiling your final Eagle Leadership Service Project Report, please place the report in the following order,

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Eagle Scout Service Project Final Plan i Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application 19 Eagle Scout Service Project Report 21 be consideredfor example, a park open to the public that happens to be owned by a business. eagle project final report example Initial project writeup. After the actual work on the project is completed, you are ready for the last phase of your project the final report. This is the section where you describe what actually happened as you carried out the plan. Portions adapted from the Eagle Project Planning Guide by Randy Smith and Guidelines for Earning Eagle Leadership Service Project WriteUp. Be sure that your final report is in the form of a completed Workbook, as required by the Boy Scout Requirements. Utilize parents, Eagle Advisors, Project Coaches, teachers, friends and others who might see things you missed or have suggestions to make it Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project Information for Project Beneficiaries your Scout will ask for your approval on their project report. The report will be used in the final review of the Scouts qualifications for the Eagle Scout rank. If the Scout has met your reasonable The Eagle Scout service project is an accomplishment a EAGLE SCOUT SERVICE PROJECT Implementation and Evaluation Phase This document is intended to serve as both an example and a template for your final writeup.