Example of platyhelminthes animals

2020-01-25 00:12

Platyhelminthes Examples. These branches are connected to sensory organs which detect sight, touch, movement, etc. Reproductive System: Flatworms are capable of sexual reproduction. However, they are also good examples of asexual reproduction in animals. Asexual reproduction is seen in the more primitive forms of the organism,Digenea. Adults of different species infest different parts of the definitive host for example the intestine, lungs, large blood vessels, and liver. The adults use a relatively large, muscular pharynx to ingest cells, cell fragments, mucus, body fluids or blood. In both the adult and snailinhabiting stages, example of platyhelminthes animals

Flatworms are a group of very simple animals limited in size by a lack of an internal transport system, they can grow quite long though. The group contains many unpleasant internal parasites of almost every vertebrate species including man. They often alternate between host species as part of their life cycle which helps them spread more effectively.

How can the answer be improved? Platyhelminthes is a very interesting phylum that contains nearly 20, 000 species. These organisms are generally hermaphrodites, meaning they can have both male and female sexual organs and canexample of platyhelminthes animals Platyhelminthes very commonly known as flatworms or tapeworms, these animals are softbodied invertebrate animals. There are around 20, 000 species of these animals. A few of these live as parasites on humans and other animals.

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